Events Security

Ariyans provide a professional, cost effective and comprehensive service to our clients.

We endeavour to build a strong foundation in the security services industry and strive to exceed client expectations whilst offering them peace of mind and a tailored service specific to their needs and requirements.

Because of our extensive experience, we are well aware of the challenges that can come during an event management, irrespective of the size, complex or simple, high profile or high risk. And the experience of securing the events means that we are trained to face the challenges with high level of professionalism.

We can offer you with a team of motivated and dedicated events experts, trained to secure and make the environment safer for you as well as your visitors, guests and the public for any events. As we are aware that no two events are same, we customize and tailor the services in accordance to your needs.

All of our employees are licensed by SIA and we ascertain that our ground staff is not just experienced security staff but are trained beyond the regulatory levels.